10 Reasons Why 123PayStubs Is The Best Pay Stub Generator

123PayStubs, the quick and easy way to generate pay stubs!

As a small business owner, it’s important to not only save money on the payroll but also manage the time you spend handling those duties. Making mistakes on payroll can cost you a lot of money in the long run. 123PayStubs is the perfect solution for handling some of these potentials. 

Pay Stubs
Pay Stubs

123PayStubs is more than an online pay stub generator. It’s also a tax calculator and an everyday payroll lifesaver. Let’s look at how 123PayStubs can make your payroll a lot easier:  

1. Accurate Calculations 

Simply enter the required information and 123PayStubs handles the numbers. Don’t worry about making mistakes with manual payroll calculations any longer!

2. Federal and State Withholding Calculations

123PayStubs software is designed to handle all of your Federal and State tax withholdings. If your state makes changes to its guidelines, 123PayStubs is ready!

3. FUTA and SUTA Taxes 

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes being made in payroll tax requirements. Miscalculations can be costly for both you and your employees. That’s why 123PayStubs handles that for you!

4. Year to Date (YTD) Calculations

Keeping up with payroll numbers from week to week can be a hassle and lead to mistakes. 123PayStubs manages your data so your calculations are accurate for every pay schedule you run.

5. Supports the New Form 2020 W-4 

As you, onboard new employees or your current employees make changes to their withholdings, 123PayStubs integrates those updates from the new W-4 seamlessly to save you time!

6. Manage additional Earnings and Deductions

Create pay stubs that reflect any additional job-related earnings and deductions that have been made. Additional overtime, bonuses, commissions or health insurance premiums, or job-related expenses such as meals, uniforms, etc. can be easily entered on your paystub.

7. Unlimited Corrections 

We all make mistakes! That’s why pencils have erasers! And 123PayStubs understands some mistakes shouldn’t be permanent, or costly. If you make an error, 123PayStubs allows you an unlimited number of corrections to help keep your payroll accurate!

8. First Pay Stub Free 

123PayStubs allows you to generate your first pay stub for free. Simply enter the info required, click download and print or email it to your employee! 

9. Lowest Price 

After your first free pay stub, each additional pay stub is only $3.99! That’s the lowest price in the industry!

10. Multiple Templates

123PayStubs provides multiple professionally designed paystub templates in multiple colors to best suit your company’s needs!

We all have questions from time to time! 

123PayStubs support center will help you get answers to all your questions. Visit support.123paystubs.com to find answers to your questions. If you can’t find answers, you can still reach our support team by email support.123paystubs.com or chat live with us.

Who knew an online pay stub generator could be so helpful? Well, we did…and that’s why we developed one. Let 123PayStubs save you time and money by accurately handling your pay stubs and calculations!

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