8 Unique 123PayStubs Features That Other Pay Stub Generators Don’t Have

Here are eight components of our pay stub generator that may be vital to your business.

123PayStubs has been very successful because our clients have placed their trust in us. This is not something we take lightly, and to show how much we appreciate our clients, we are always figuring out new ways to make 123PayStubs better for them.

Because your business is growing and evolving, then we need to be doing the same. Each one of the following features was carefully designed and implemented to meet the needs of our clients, the employers who are creating pay stubs for their employees. This is what they both need and deserve. 

Accurate Tax Calculations

This is where it counts. Your tax calculations need to be accurate. Withhold too little and you and your employees will be paying the difference to the US government. Withhold too much, and you are letting the government borrow money from your employees—money that they earned by working for you. 

With 123PayStubs, tax calculations are done based on your employees’ W4 withholdings. But you are also free to choose to use the supplemental tax rate.

A Mobile App

It doesn’t matter if you use iOS or Android because our app can be used with either. As an employer, you are constantly on the move. This is why we have an app. It’s for you to use when you aren’t able to sit at a desk and do payroll. 

Not only does it have the best user interface, but our paystub generator app is every bit as accurate. No matter how you choose to do your payroll, we’ll give you the same level of accuracy.

Supports 2020 & 2019 W-4

Maybe you’ve noticed that 2020 has not been a standard year. Our country is struggling. Its people are too. After taxes were changed in 2017, the government had to account for it. For instance, the old Form W-4 wasn’t in tune with the new tax laws. 

To resolve this, we now have a new W-4 to complete in 2020. To complicate things, not all employees would have to redo their 2019 one. No matter. This one doesn’t have to be difficult. 123PayStubs supports both the 2019 and the 2020 W-4.

Time-Off Policies

This feature is pretty special. Why? Because 123PayStubs is the only pay stub generator that offers this. 

As an employer, you are likely aware that some states mandated that pay stubs need to show each employee their time-off hours. To stay ahead of it, we have added this feature. For those employers who are in a state where this is mandated, you can continue your compliance through 123PayStubs. Your employees will be able to view their hours on their pay stubs.

Address Book

Time is money. It is both time-consuming and tedious to repeatedly enter your employees’ information in week after week. With our address book, you can pull your previously entered information and have it entered in for you. Save time. Save money.

Payday Reminder

As an employer, you have a lot going on. We understand that. You can set reminders for yourself. They can be assigned for either a pay schedule or payday. And we’ll send you a friendly email as a reminder. 

Copies of Pay Stubs 

Ever find yourself needing a quick copy or duplicate of a pay stub? With 123PayStubs, you can do this easily. You can make a quick copy, update the earning details, and complete a new order. 

Customized Earnings for Truck Drivers and Dispatchers

Not everyone gets paid by an hourly or yearly wage. Truck drivers and dispatchers are a prime example of this. They get per mile, per diem, per day, per load, and in other ways as well. No matter how their wages are calculated, you will have their specific option on 123PayStubs.


When you use 123PayStubs, you will not have to cater to it because it has been designed to fit all of your business needs. Whether you need a unique way to pay a truck driver or are looking to stay compliant by displaying accumulated time-off hours, 123PayStubs will be the only pay stub generator you need.

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