Say Goodbye To Errors When You Use Our Pay Stub Generator

Put an end to all your manual payroll tax calculations.

Get Rid of Calculating Payroll Taxes Manually by Using a Pay Stub Generator

Think for a minute about all the passwords you use for your online shopping and how easy it is to forget one. As a small business owner, compound that difficulty with how busy your days are. Situations are constantly changing, problems arise that demand your attention. One minute you’re working, and a few minutes later, you realize that if you don’t do X now, then Y can’t happen a week from now. 

As an employer, your life is demanding. It’s fast-paced. Even when you’re focused, half a dozen other things are pulling at your attention. 

So when you’re sitting down to do payroll, multiplying hours by wages while looking up each specific employee’s filing status and calculating for deductions and state and federal taxes, it’s not hard to imagine you making a mistake. 

Accurate Calculations

Just because a mistake is understandable doesn’t mean you should make them. After all, when you hired your employees, you agreed to pay them for specific services. If they held their end, you need to do the same. It’s a follow-through on your word, and it also shows you appreciate them for their effort and work.

Accurate calculations are important. In addition to what I just said, there are financial considerations to take into account for inaccurate pay stubs. 

If you don’t withhold enough taxes, then your employees will be receiving a bill from the government when they file their annual returns. Though this is money they legally owe, it’s a potential pitfall that could’ve been avoided. The employee might blame you, regardless. 

A Pay Stub Generator

We’ve addressed two points so far: (1) Making mistakes is understandable and (2) Making mistakes shouldn’t happen. 

Though these two things may be at odds with one another (and they are), I am also here to offer a solution: a pay stub generator. 

The proper pay stub generator offers two things that a small business owner like you needs. It will not only be an efficient use of your time (which, as an employer, you will never have enough time), but it is also accurate. 

With 123PayStubs, it merely serves as a prompt. When using it, you will be required to enter the necessary information for it to do the calculations for you. For instance, if you can provide your company’s information, the employee’s information, and the hours worked per their hourly rate or salary, 123PayStubs can take care of the rest. 

With what you’ve provided, making pay stubs online with 123PayStubs will accurately calculate state and federal taxes along with FICA withholdings (Social Security and Medicare). 

Making Pay Stubs Online

When choosing to make pay stubs online, you will see how expensive it can get. With 123PayStubs, you will have a reliable pay stub generator giving you accurate calculations you deserve for as little as $3.99 a pay stub. Also, your first pay stub is on us!

By choosing 123PayStubs, both your time and money will be well spent. 

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