Why You Need To Make The Switch To A Pay Stub Generator

This could save you time and money.

Cutting right to the point: as a business owner, you are focused on time and money. You not only have to consider what you’re gaining, but you need to have your focus on what you’re losing. 

For instance, if you have two employees and you devote time to mentoring one of them, then you know what value you’re adding to the business. You are going to have a like-minded employee, who understands the business and its values, and that same person can act in accordance thereof when you’re not around. 

But you remember what you’re losing: what about the other employee? 

Every decision you make is geared toward time and money. How are your actions affecting both?

Where does choosing a pay stub generator stack up in terms of financially responsible decisions? To know, simply apply the choice to how it impacts your time and money. 


In many ways, time is more important than money. Applying it to your needs is a fundamental piece of making money. Of all the business owners that I have met, none of them have openly announced that they had an abundance of time. 

Time is a non-renewable resource. You can make more money, but you cannot create more time. This is a universal constraint. 

Payroll, for instance, is an extremely time-consuming process. In all likelihood, it has very little to do with your business—it is merely a prerequisite of it. The pressure of doing it accurately is immense, and again, you might not have any sort of an accounting background. 

Every minute you spend on payroll is time away from your business. As vital as payroll is, it still has no direct ties to building your business.

Please note that doing your payroll is not only the mere of sitting down to do it. Without having done it before, there are the issues of establishing a format, understanding calculations, the timely amounts of research needed to comprehend the laws and regulations behind taxes and withholdings. 

With a reliable paystub generator like 123PayStubs, you can eliminate most of what I just mentioned. The only thing required of you is that you input the data. Our pay stubs will have their own formats, and we have 20 pay stub templates for you to choose from. Taxes and deductions will be taken out based on the information you provide. 


One option available to you, if you choose not to utilize a pay stub generator, is to hire to make them for you. At first, this makes sense. Maybe you have several employees, and you don’t have the time to make pay stubs. 

The downside to this plan is that it cost you to employ an additional person. Even if you have the money to do this, there’s also another risk: they could leave. If they do, they will walk out the door with all their experience and know-how.


With 123PayStubs, you can create pay stubs with accurate tax calculations in minutes. You can make a pay stub with 123PayStubs for $3.99 (Lowest Price). The first pay stub is on us. 

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