The Perks of An Online Paystub Generator vs Payroll Provider

Explore the benefits of using an online pay stub generator.

As a small business owner, you have a long list of responsibilities. One of these may be maintaining your payroll. Whether you are just starting out with limited staff or you have been using a payroll provider, it is definitely worth exploring the perks of using an online pay stub generator. 

This is a great solution for employers with just a few employees or independent contractors. It is also a good option for an employer who would prefer to run their own payroll with the help of easy tools and guidance rather than paying for a payroll provider. 

123PayStubs: A Quick and Simple Solution with all the tools and guidance at a Low Price

1. How do you make a professional pay stub? 

That’s where our Online Paystub Generator comes in. In 3 easy steps, you can create professional pay stubs that will provide proof of income for your employees or contractors. Simply enter your payment information, preview your paystub, and download it or email it directly to your employee.

2. Want to completely customize your pay stubs? 

You can choose from a variety of paystub template designs and even add your logo. You can do this for a reasonable fee too! This is a great solution for providing your employees and independent contractors with proof of Income. Given the current economic climate, they may need this information for loans or even refinancing.

You can also add details specific to each employee’s pay stub such as the Year to Date earnings, as well as any deductions and FUTA/SUTA information.

3. Built-in Tax Calculator

Withholding the incorrect amounts in taxes and incorrect deposits to the IRS is a common problem that you may worry about. You can skip the math with 123PayStubs, we do it for you. Our built-in tax calculator ensures the correct federal and state withholdings taxes every time!

Missing an IRS deadline is an issue that you want to avoid. You can end up owing IRS penalties. So, instead of simply marking your calendar and hoping that you won’t forget, use 123PayStubs!

We will help you understand what IRS Tax Returns you need to file and when the deadlines are. We will remind you about quarterly and annual deadlines with the IRS. We will also give you a heads up concerning the immediate requirements each time you run payroll.

4. Pay Stubs On The Go

With our mobile app, you can create professional pay stubs from anywhere at any time! You can download it for free today from the App Store or Google Play. Generating high-quality paystubs won’t be stressful anymore with our simple, 3 step filing process. 

Considering the perks? Get started today with 123PayStubs, your first pay stub is on us!

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